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Hope Springs Institute's
Women's Poetry and Performance Retreat

Article by Chauncey Beaty,
Rita J. Andrews, and Suzanne Stevens

Poetry by
April S., Rhythm, and Leigh Ann DiDomenico

Introduction by Alice Lovelace
Peebles, Ohio

Hope Springs Institute: Women's Poetry and Performance photo of artists. Photo by Susan Joyner.
Photo by Susan Joyner.

I arrived at Hope Springs Institute on July 15th, 2009. I had no idea what to expect. I was invited as part of the faculty to teach a three day “Women's Poetry and Performance Retreat” organized by Chauncey Beaty, a poet who is a friend to my daughter Theresa.

Chauncey had recently moved to Atanta, but still served on the Board of Directors for Hope Springs and this workshop was her idea for getting together a diverse group of women who had in common writing, poetry and performance.

I was so relaxed and revitalized by the time I left Hope Spring, which sits on top of a mountain outside of Pebbles, Ohio, I wanted to share the experience with as many people as possible. Not just the experience of the workshop, but the land, the place itself.

I hope you will visit the website for Hope Springs Instititue so you can learn more about this incredible space and the global work that is taking place there.

You will get a chance to read about the retreat and check out poetry from several of the women who attended the workshop. It was inspiring to hear the work developed in the workshop. Much of the poetry was about abuse and struggle. I left with a better understandong that women write to heal themselves and for self empowerment.

I am posting a warning, that some of the subject matter and/or language in some poems may not be appropriate for you if you are not comfortable with the harsh truth of what it means to be a female child in a world that wants to reduce you to a possession.




Poetry by:

Hope Springs Institute
From this place springs the hope for inner and global peace

Hope Springs Institute Retreat Center is nationally and internationally known. The center is recognized for its hospitality, warmth, and memorably delicious meals with an emphasis on vegetarian or light meat fare.

A warm community feel and artistic ambience pervades the complex. Guests feel physically and emotionally supported by their personal set of slippers and bathrobes waiting for them in their rooms, and the pleasure of a warm hot tub.

Lodging is offered to guests in three locations, serving groups of 12-30 people in size, with single, double and queen size beds available. King size beds are made up for couples upon request. 

Four beautiful suites, with the option of three beds in each, encircle the outer perimeter of the Studio. Each suite includes a bathroom. In addition, seven semi-private rooms are offered in a warm and hospitable old farmhouse building also housing the dining room and a covered porch complete with rocking chairs.  The large stone fireplace in the farmhouse living room offers cozy and friendly warmth on cool nights.  There are three shared bathrooms in this facility.

A two bedroom cottage with small refrigerators, microwave ovens and a shared bath is ideal for staff.  Lastly, guests may venture outside in tepees and tents enjoying the seasonal sounds of nature.

Please check out our website at or call 937 587-2602 to learn about the variety of programs offered at Hope Springs. We are especially excited about the Hope Springs International Peace Gathering June 23-27, 2010.

Published in In Motion Magazine October 26, 2009

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