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praise the lowly ones

Alice Lovelace
Atlanta, Georgia

The following poem is a selection from Alice Lovelace's book of poems forever, published in 2008 by Stonefish Productions and Press, Atlanta, Georgia.

Alice Lovelace's book fo poems "forever" from which "praise the lowly ones" is selected.
Alice Lovelace's book of poems forever.
praise the lowly ones

praise the lowly ones
who live under the bridge
eat from garbge cans, beg for pennies

praise to the lowly ones
earth's least divine who weep
yet never shed a tear
washed in reflected gold that drifts

from towers to the state
they dream of eating angels
fallen from heaven in search of the pious
beware their eyes

for in them time drifts
lazy as a barge
along the hudson in november
praise their hands

their hearts
unleavened bread
their feet
swaddled in eternity

i come singing yr praises.

Published in In Motion Magazine February 14, 2009

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