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Why Should We Be Part
of the Cucapa Encampment?

by Roberto Flores
Los Angeles, California

1. The Cucapa Camp is an Essential Part of La Otra Campaña: The aim of La Otra Campaña is no more and no less than TO TAKE MEXICO BACK peacefully --- through a democratic process of building a (trans) national horizontal network connecting up all the grassroots local struggles, together developing a new social agenda, social contract or constitution and at a strategic moment, in the near future, taking national coordinated action, like a national strike that is peaceful but massive.

2. A Profound Structural Democratic Transformation In Mexico Means Movement Towards a Profound Structural Democratic Transformation In the U.S.: When the bottom left takes back Mexico, the U.S. undemocratic system will be seriously ill and weakened. Neoliberal Mexico is politically an important extension of the U.S., and the U.S. depends on Mexico economically. When civil society takes Mexico away from the capitalists, it will be a serious amputation of one the U.S.'s major limbs. Such an amputation will cut deep into current U.S.'s geographic, political and imperialist psychological domains.

3. La Otra Campaña is the Most Correct Immigration Policy: The Mexican Nation-Peoples (as opposed to the Mex. Nation state) includes about 30-35 million people of Mexican descent that have been economically expelled from Mexico and now live in the U.S., who under an other (real democratic) Mexico would have a right to return and the right of return of land. There will be no more economic need to cross the border under life and death pressure.

4. La Otra Campaña Necessarily Entails a Transnational Strategy: La Otra Campaña, although at the moment, is focused on taking back the current Mexican Nation State, is about taking it for and by the Mexican Nation Peoples and inspiring others to do the same wherever they are. La Otra Campaña is a struggle of a Nation Peoples living and struggling on both sides of an arbitrary and capitalist based nation-state border line. La Otra Campaña is a National Struggle carried out by Trans-National Peoples.

5. The Cucapa Encampment Signals Out the Central Role of the Indigenous Struggles:
The Cucapa encampment is the first step of the second phase of La Otra Campaña and it initiates, introduces and further develops the pivotal role of the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico, whose wisdom and courage is the back bone of the left and the bottom. The Cucapa Encampment embodies all the typical genocidal policies of neoliberal capitalism. Stripped of their natural sources of food because of the dams, the Cucapa today depend on selling their labor at super exploitive rates and fishing in the mouth of the Colorado River Delta which is now being prohibited. As a consequence of the Mexican government’s genocidal policies, over the last two centuries, the Cucapa population has gone from 200,000 to 500. So severe is the oppression of the Indigenous in that area that the neighboring Kiliwa women have made a pact not to bear anymore children. The goal of the encampment is to shed global light on the genocidal treatment of the indigenous of México. So important is this particular struggle to the general and long term that La Comisión 6xta of the Zapatista will also be part of the campers.

6. The particpation of Chican@s, "naturalized" Mexican@s and of progressives on this side of the border is key: We are natural bridges and links to local struggles on both sides. We can bring key resources both to the particular Cucapa struggle as well as to the general and long term Otra Campaña democratic struggle. We can also camp out with the Cucapa to witness the applied policies of neoliberal capitalism. As such, our role is not one of support or solidarity work but one of carrying out our part of a regional and in this case transnational strategy.

Published in In Motion Magazine May 30, 2007.

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