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Lo que’l Vagabundo Significa Para Mi
What The Vagabond Means to Me


Roberto Flores
Los Angeles, California

(i) Esteva, G. (1999) A Project for Mexico from Civil Society (rough draft for discussion). Unpublished manuscript. Can be found and requested at

(1) For explanations of neoliberalism see: According to Schugurenski (1999) the replacement of the Welfare State by the Neoliberal State means the abrogation of the state’s previous overall responsibilities as the “regulator of economic life and provider of social services.. The replacement of the welfare state can result in increases in unemployment rates, lower wages and less job security. The neoliberal state backs away from rights that were previously seen as legal entitlements such as education, health, housing, and social security, which are now becoming increasingly regulated by market dynamics.” All of these characteristics are essential to the concentration of capital and power into fewer and fewer hands. Schugurenski relates that the main characteristics of the neoliberal states under the structural adjustment programs (SAP), include:

  • Liberalization of imports,
  • Elimination of subsidies for public services,
  • Privatization of public enterprises,
  • User fees in public services,
  • Devaluation of national currency,
  • Drastic cuts in government expenditures in areas such as health, education, housing, sanitation, transportation and environment, and
  • Privatization proposals, generally defended on the grounds that they promote efficiency, equity and decentralization of decision making, usually result in the disentitlement of large sectors of the population to services that once were considered an inalienable right.

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Published in In Motion Magazine, April 24, 2002