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In Praise of Toni Cade Bambara
by Alice Lovelace

Dear In Motion Magazine,

A good friend and wonderful person

On Nov. 12, 1996, I thought of Toni Cade and decided to look her up on the internet and to my great shock I found that she had died last year! I have not been able to stop the sadness and loss that I am feeling since I leaned of her death. I went to high school with Toni and she was a good friend and wonderful person, so outspoken, even then. Over the years, I thought often of her - at odd moments and for no particular reason - as if our lives were meant to have some sort of connection. I was so proud of her works and even bought "Gorilla, My Love" when I saw it in a bookstore. Our lives crossed several times, through mutual friends, although I never saw Toni again after we left high school. (She rushed ahead to graduate 6 months earlier than the rest of our class, so eager was she to get on with her life!) Somehow, I felt happy knowing she was there doing her thing and I really did think fondly about her quite often. I don't know why I'm telling you this because it can't possibly matter to anyone how I am feeling about Toni Cade, except that I must tell someone. I hope that a biography is in the works about this remarkable little lady!

Yours sincerely,
Barbara Burkhardt McGrath
Rambam Medical Center
Haifa 31096, Israel

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Published in In Motion Magazine January, 1997