Asians against The War

by Bruce Takeo Akizuki
Oakland, California

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“Asian War Resisters”.  “CHRP”.

Ever since 9/11, there has been a growing new movement to oppose the war against Afghanistan and Palestine and the proposed war against Iraq. This movement has included many new Filipino, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and South Asian, and Japanese activists coming forward to protest Bush’s foreign policy. They are also speaking out against intervention in the Philippines, the policies against North Korea, the instability between India and Pakistan, and the questioning of the Peace Constitution in Japan. Of course, this movement started many years ago before today when the U.S. colonized Hawaii and the Philippines, invaded Iran and China, and waged war against Korea and Indochina. This new movement is continuing this quest for peace and justice ... .

“Filipino Airport Screeners”.
 “Filipino Brothers”.
 “Japan Wants Peace”. “Yuri”.

Professional photographer for over 15 years. Founder and coordinator of Community Images, a community-based photographic program in San Francisco since 1992. Co-coordinator of the Pacific Rim Photography Festival, an international photography festival inviting college students from Japan and South Korea to San Francisco. Instructor at the 2002 Shionoe International Young Artist Festival. Has exhibited in Oakland, San Francisco, Higashikawa, Shionoe, and Osaka. Assistant editor and photographer for Unity Newspaper/Magazine. Curated various photography exhibits locally and internationally. Taught in various junior high, high school, and community organizations in the Bay Area. Former photography educator for Friends of Photography/Ansel Adams Center for Photography. Asian and Pacific Islander Coalition Against War (APICAW). And a Bay Area activist for over 20 years in the broader Asian community as well as the African American, Chicano, peace movement, labor, and redress and reparations movement.