Four Photos by Pei Wu
-- nation, dissent, and bodies in public spaces

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jun.14.2003 fruitvale. the flag.
jun.14.2003 fruitvale.
the flag.

the chinese kuoming tang (kmt) claimed the island of taiwan (after the end of japanese colonization in 1945) as part of china and took over the island in 1949 after fleeing from the communists on the mainland, bringing this flag with them. his mother is japanese and his father's family was on the island before the arrival of the kmt. the kmt-taiwan-r.o.c. flag, the japanese flag, and the u.s. flag are all attached to him wherever he goes; he can only have a complex relationship to them-- and an ambiguous one. he is currently researching environmental justice issues in silicon valley, particularly in connection with transnational capital and corporate issues in toxic dumping and labor (chinese and taiwanese).