Fuerza Unida

Civil Disobedience.
Fuerza Unida co-coordinator Irene Reyna is arrested after she and seven others chained themselves to the Levi's front door.

One of my longest-running photo involvements has been the honor of working with, developing friendships with, and taking photos of Fuerza Unida. Fuerza Unida is the organization formed after Levi Strauss laid off 1,150 Latina seamstresses in San Antonio, Texas in January of 1990. After the layoff, Levi's moved production to Costa Rica. Using hunger strikes, lawsuits, pickets, and a boycott, Fuerza Unida has fought long and hard for retraining, fair compensation, and corporate responsibility. Talking often with Fuerza Unida members when visiting them in San Antonio, and also when they have come to Levi's HQ in San Francisco. I have time and time again been moved by the depth of their strength and caring as they organize and sacrifice to keep their families together and to warn others so the hardship that hit them won't hurt others.