Hog Wars

The Corporate Grab for Control of the Hog Industry
and How Citizens Are Fighting Back

Now Available!

This 24-page book chronicles the Missouri Rural Crisis Center's organizing efforts from the incursion of the first mega-hog corporations into the Midwest to its recent success in turning them back. Hog Wars also details in in-depth sidebars the industry's economic disaster and accompanying environmental devastation. Additonal sections include: Economic Disaster/Boom or Bust; the Dirty Dozen/The nation's largets pork producers; The Environment --Waste/Odor-Gases-Air/Water-Soil/Food Safety Concerns/Animal Welfare; Hiding Behind Farmer Brown; Corporate Welfare.

To order send $5 and your name and address to:
Missouri Rural Crisis Center, 710 Rangeline St., Columbia, MO 65201

 "This battle for control of the livestock industry has stirred up a political dust storm. MRCC has forged through the cloud of controversy to make it clear that we must decide who we want to produce the food in this country - family farmers or corporations."
- Larry Swartz, Kentucky farmer and president of the National Family Farm Coalition
 "The Missouri Rural Crisis Center is a leader in promoting the needs of family farmers and environmental stewardship. MRCC is successfully bringing these two issues together to improve the quality of life and economic prosperity of America's rural farming communities. MRCC has shown how abusive corporate farming practices must be stopped if farmers will have anything to pass on to the next generation."
- Kathy Nemsick, national coordinator, Clean Water Network
 "MRCC is becoming the national clearinghouse the center of the network. It's putting together a new rural political group, combining family farmers with diverse rural residents."
- Bill Heffernan, rural sociologist, University of Missouri
 "For too long, family farmers and environmental groups have let the conventional agri-business organizations drive a wedge between us. Family farmers thought environmentalists were out to regulate them out of business, and environmentalists thought all farmers were out to pollute the earth. What we have learned through working together is that we all have the same concerns and goals: clean air, clean water, and good land stewardship. Corporations and their Big Ag mouthpieces don't share those values. The alliances forged in the 'Hog Wars' have shown us who the real enemy of the land is, and that the Sierra Club and the Missouri Rural Crisis Center, along with other like-minded groups, can win the battle."
- Ken Midkiff, program director of the Ozark Chapter Sierra Club
 "Farm Aid supports MRCC in their struggle. This is a classic example of why Farm Aid came into existence - to keep big corporate farms from running over the little people."
- Willie Nelson, president of Farm Aid
Campaign for Family Farms and the Environment, a national coalition of grassroots organizations made up of farmers, rural residents, environmentalists and animal protection advocates, is an action-oriented effort to stop government and agribusiness policies and practices that are detrimental to America's family farmers, the rural economy, animal welfare, public health and to our land, water, and air. We are demanding the acccountability of corporations, politicians, and public officials to expose the disastrous effects of factory farms and to effectively pressure the institutions that promote industrial hog farming. The Campaign helps citizens to organize against corporations that use intimidation and the power of their capital to control communities and local governments.
For more information, contact the following Campaign groups: Missouri Rural Crisis Center - 710 Rangeline St., Columbia, MO 65201 / 573-449-1336; Citizens of Lincoln Township - Rt. 2, Unionville, MO 63565 / 816-947-7337; Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement - 1607 E. Grand, Des Moines, IA 50316 / 515-266-5213; Land Stewardship Project - 3724 12th Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55407 / 612-823-5221; Illinois Stewardship Alliance - PO Box 648, Rochester, IL 62563 / 217-498-9707; Animal Welfare Institute - 10346 S. Dennison Blvd., Northfield, MN 55057 / 507-645-4939; Oklahoma Toxics Campaign - PO Box 74, Guthrie, OK 73044 / 405-282-2494; Land Loss Prevention Project - PO Box 179, Durham, NC 27702 / 800-672-5839; Farmers Legal Action Group - 46 E. 4th St., Minnesota Bldg., Suite 1301, St. Paul, MN 55101 / 612-223-5400.