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Suicides on the Farm:
Green Revolution is Turning Red
by Devinder Sharma
New Delhi, India

1. Supriya Menon reports “Every Week in Maharashtra, One Suicide”, Tehelka, July 10, 2004

2. More details are provided in an excellent cover story in Frontline, July 2, 2004 “An Agrarian Tragedy”

3. World Bank has expressed its displeasure over the move to supply free power to farmers.

4. Devinder Sharma in New Scientist, July 8, 2000: “Green Revolution turns sour”

5. KPA Prabhakaran Nair has brought out the technology aspect of the farmers suicides in his essay “When Farm technology falls short of expectations”, Business Line, July 6, 2004.

6. See Devinder Sharma’s “My Vision for a Global Agriculture”, a talk delivered at the UK Food Group’s dialogue on agricultural trade reforms, subsidies and future of small and family farms and farmers, at London, June 30, 2004.

7. From an address by the author on ‘Trade, Biotechnology and Hunger’ at the McGill University, Montreal, Canada in Nov 2003.

Published in In Motion Magazine August 7, 2004