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Once upon a time ...

by Tom Ferguson
Atlanta, Georgia

Tom Ferguson did political cartoons in college, 1971-3, Northern Michigan University & later for the student daily at Michigan State while pursuing an MFA in Painting.

Since moving to Atlanta in 1976 he's drawn for peace & justice & environmental newletters, demonstrations & weeklies such as Creative Loafing, The Atlanta Gazette, Street Heat, The Great Speckled Bird, Downtown Edition and others. Z Magazine has published 5 or 6 drawings.

With Bob Darby he's been doing a two-sided political periodical called Broadside. The on-line Great Speckled Bird uses his work, listing them as "Politoons" at

He has published a 28-page political cartoon called The Billionaire's Club which can be found on his web page along with other drawings & paintings at

Published in In Motion Magazine December 5, 1999.