Who are UCSA?

University of California Student Association

UCSA, the University of California Student Association, is a coalition of UC student governments dedicated to networking, communicating, educating, organizing and advocating for students to the UC Office of the President, Board of Regents and across the state. UCSA works to educate students and California citizens on the importance of students' rights and on an accessible and high quality UC education.

UCSA's 26th Anniversary

During the height of repressive attacks from Governor Reagan to suppress anti- war and civil rights movements on the UC campuses, the Student Body President's Council (SBPC) created the UC Student Lobby (UCSL) on February 11, 1971 to advocate for UC student interests. The UCSL with professional staff, served as the advocacy arm of the SBPC while each campus set up a Lobby Annex to organize grassroots campaign efforts.

The UC Lobby Corps' first campaigns were fighting the first fee hike (UC education used to be completely free) and legislation that allowed UC campus police to raid student dorms without search warrants (this was used to stifle student protest). The UC Student Lobby was successful in fighting for financial aid, childcare, and collective bargaining rights and was ranked one of the top six lobby groups out of the 650 registered in California. In 1985, the two organizations consolidated all systemwide efforts under the University of California Student Association. Since then, UCSA has been recognized through Regental action as the official association of campus student governments.

UCSA continues to fight for student rights with recent victories for domestic partnership for campus housing, and the continued statewide efforts to fight the attack on affirmative action. Call our office to find out how you can get involved to continue the legacy of building student power in California.

Write, Call or E-mail Us:

  • 385 Grand Avenue, # 302, Oakland, CA 954610-4825

  • Phone - (510) 834-8272

  • E-mail - ucsa@netcom.com

The above article was originally printed in the UCSA Update and is published here with permission of the University of California Student Association.

Published in In Motion Magazine May 15, 1996.