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The Pivot And The Island Rows


by Arnie Saiki
Los Angeles, California

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[ii] Since 2007, Ricardo Lagos has held the Special Envoy on Climate Change for the UNSG Ban Ki-moon.  He also signed the 2005 TPPA between Chile, Singapore, New Zealand and Brunei, which was seen as a pathfinder to the larger FTAAP.

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[iv] The Economist. “Dead man talking: Ten years of trade talks have sharpened divisions, not smoothed them. Apr. 28, 2011 ( Accessed 2012 November 17. Doha rounds emphasized an older (1994) paradigm of rich countries access to emerging markets. Since then, emerging markets have accounted for nearly 75% of the addition to world GDP, creating a global economic shift to emerging markets from rich economies.


[vi] Ying, Ding. “Military Reciprocation” July 19, 2012. Beijing Review. ( Accessed 2012 November 17. Further, in an interview with Luo Yuan, retired major general and Executive V.P. of the China Strategic Cultural Promotion Association, “China’s security concern is its sovereignty, territorial integrity and interests at sea, which the United States should respect. After all, it is the United States that has come to China’s doorstep. China has never done anything jeopardizing the security and interests of the United States in the U.S. neighborhood.”

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Published in In Motion Magazine December 11, 2012

Arnie Saiki -- Coordinator of Moana Nui. Director of Imipono Projects.