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A series of interviews conducted in Brazil, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago

The following series of interviews was gathered by In Motion Magazine in Brazil, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago August /September, 2004 and April 2005. The interviews were conducted by Nic Paget-Clarke. This index also includes other articles subsequently contributed to In Motion Magazine.

Interview with Nora Castañeda
President of the Women’s Development Bank

Making women sovereign and participative:
Becoming the protagonist of their own reality
Caracas, Venezuela

Interviews with Father Pantin and Sister Ruth
Taking Back Education
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Interview with Geraldo Fontes of the MST
The Landless Rural Workers' Movement
“Without depending on power or having to take power”
Part 1 -- Building the New Society Now
Part 2 -- Agrarian Reform / Agribusiness
São Paulo, Brazil

Interview with Miguel Angel Nuñez
Farmers are Demanding Agroecology:
Making Democracy Participative
Barinas and Caracas, Venezuela

Interview with Oded Grajew
Initiator and Secretariat Member of the World Social Forum / Founder of the Ethos Institute for Business and Social Responsibility
“Another World is Possible”
Social responsibility: rules for being on the market
São Paulo, Brazil

Bases Cientificas de La Agricultura Tropical Sustentable
por Miguel Angel Nuñez

La Agricultura Social Del Siglo XXI:
El Modelo Del Plan Café
por Miguel Angel Nuñez

Los Caficultores Le Hablan a Venezuela
por Miguel Angel Nuñez

Interview with Severine Macedo
Youth Representative of FETRAF-SUL

Independent Alternatives for Rural Youth
Chapecó, Santa Catarina, Brazil
¿Chavez En Busqueda Del Nuevo Socialismo Para El Tropico?
por Miguel Angel Nuñez
Barinas, Venezuela

Chavez, Los Tapes y Las Semillas
por Miguel Angel Nuñez
Porto Alegre, Brasil / Caracas, Venezuela

Una lista de más artículos por Miguel Angel Nuñez aquí
La Propuesta de Merida
Por El Tratado Comercio De Los Pueblos
Merida, Venezuela

Interview with Peter Rosset
of CECCAM and Land Research Action Network
Agrarian Reform, Land Reform, Food Sovereignty
San Felipe, Yaracuy, Venezuela

Interview with Pedro Reyes Millan

From Guerrilla Commander to Taparo Sculptor: Art and production models which transfer knowledge
"Learning means dignity"
Barinas, Venezuela

A Vision of Food Sovereignty for Venezuela

Christina Schiavoni
Pele el Ojo Cooperative, Yaracuy,
and Caracas, Venezuela

Interview with Altemir Tortelli
General Coordinator of FETRAF-SUL

"When Cooperative Structures Are The Instrument" and Autonomy
Chapecó, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Via Campesina Stand on Agri-Fuels
by MST National Secretariat
São Paulo, Brazil