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Two Poems:

Pivot and
Even the Furniture Wants Me Tonight

by Holly Day
Roseville, Minnesota

Holly Day's poetry and fiction has appeared in "Palace Corbie" "Webgeist", and "Black Moon".


I can feel your bones through

your pale flesh beside me

curled like a baby bird

against my body unconscious

that you are touching me

and it's not sex

and it's not love


in your church of streetlights and stop signs

I had tried to forge a union

between metals that don't alloy

and in your sermons of candy and sweat

I have learned to give up on abstracts




blind faith

Even the Furniture Wants Me Tonight

glitterlight on the street outside

starlight in my empty room I can feel

the need of my body dance

into inanimate objects, I call you back from the kitchen

back to my bed


jealously the chest of drawers

trips you up as you stumble about in the darkness,

the desk chair conspires against you, the bedframe

purrs my body

to sleep

Published in In Motion Magazine March 15, 1997.