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Genetic Engineering in New Zealand

The following extended series of articles and interviews was gathered in the context of the 2000-2001 hearings of New Zealand's Royal Commission on Genetic Modification. In Motion Magazine travelled around New Zealand with Missouri Rural Crisis Center and National Family Farm Coalition president Bill Christison visiting farmers and community leaders and listening to their views about genetically modified organisms. After hearing the recommendations of the commission, the New Zealand government will make a decision on whether or not GE crops will be allowed in New Zealand. The interviews were conducted in February and March, 2001 by Nic Paget-Clarke.

Opposing Genetic Engineering in New Zealand (and around the world)
by Bill Christison
Auckland, New Zealand / Aotearoa

Interview with farmer Ian Henderson
GE is another way of being unsustainable in the biological sense
The market wants an un-modified product
Amberly, Aotearoa / New Zealand

Interview with Bill Christison
Facing the world today
GMO's: farm policy, patent laws, contamination, trade
Auckland, Aotearoa / New Zealand

Interview with Russell Simmons
A guarantee of safe food
Organizing organic dairy farmers
Waikato, Aotearoa / New Zealand

Interview with Greenpeace campaigner Annette Cotter
The future is GE Free
Genetically modified organisms are unpredictable, irreversible, unnecessary
Wellington, Aotearoa / New Zealand

Interview with Maui Solomon
The Wai 262 Claim by Six Maori Tribes
Flora and fauna and cultural and intellectual heritage rights
Wellington, Aotearoa / New Zealand

Interview with Fiona Cram and Glenis Philip-Barbara
Genetic engineering and Maori health
Different ways of managing and understanding knowledge
Auckland, Aotearoa / New Zealand

Intellectual Property Rights and Indigenous Peoples Rights and Obligations
by Maui Solomon
Nairobi, Kenya

Interview with Jeanette Fitzsimons
Green Party Member of Parliament
From Nuclear Free to Genetic Engineering Free
Soil ecology: the most serious and the least understood ecological risk from genetically engineered crops
Wellington, Aotearoa / New Zealand

Interview with plant geneticist Doreen Stabinsky
Assessing the Risks of Genetic Engineering
Super weeds, non-target impacts, horizontal gene transfer
Auckland, Aotearoa / New Zealand

Interview with Maori community leader Sydney Jackson
The strength in it
"Undisturbed and exclusive possession of the land, estates and forests"
Auckland, Aotearoa / New Zealand