Wake Up UCSB!!!

UCSB students
Santa Barbara, California 

The following statement by UC Santa Barbara students was distributed during three spontaneous demonstrations at UCSB and made available to In Motion Magazine by the University of California Student Association

The passage of the so-called Civil Rights Initiative will end efforts to diversify our campus. The initiative gets rid of programs that normally help under-represented students, namely people of color and women, gain eligibility for college. Programs such as EOP that go into the high schools to tutor students, help them fill out their college applications as well as helping them with financial aid forms are now illegal. Individual students have already started to meet and discuss a plan of action and have come up with the following demands

We as students make these demands:

1. We demand that the administration of our university take a public stance, in writing on Proposition 209.

2. We demand to know if the administration is in non-compliance with Proposition. 209, especially Chancellor Yang and the academic senate.

3. We demand that all university services that will be affected by the passage of Prop. 209 be kept as is.

4 . We demand regular meetings with administrators to discuss the updates of our demands, and to make sure they are implemented.

5 . We demand that no centralization of E.O.P. components be consolidated.

6 . We demand that more outreach services be provided and that UCSB students participate in the organizing and decision making in the outreach process.

7. We demand that culturally biased tests like the S.A.T. I and the S.A.T. II not be used in the admissions process.

8 . We demand that students and the Academic Senate, tenured or not, be the only ones to vote on the Board of Regents.

9 . We demand that financial aid should still be given to people based on economic disadvantage, race and gender.

10. We demand an ethnic studies requirement for all high school and transfer student applicants.