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Paul Rockwell

  • Columnist for the East Bay Times and The Montclarion in Oakland, California
  • Formerly assistant professor of philosophy at Midwestern University
  • His essays have appeared in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, San Francisco Chronicle, Sacramento Bee, Baltimore Sun, Utne Reader, The Nation, and a host of alternative weeklies
  • He appears frequently on the web on Common Dreams and Truthout
  • Along with Cindy Sheehan and Todd Ensign, he is a contributor to "10 Reasons Not To Join the Military," published by New Press, and to "The New Revolutionaries," edited by Tariq Ali
  • His topics include imperialism and war, racism and affirmative action, justice movement strategy, U.S. war crimes and GI resistance
  • For speaking engagements, contact him at:

Topics listed here: Outdoor Life, Peace/War, 2008 Presidential Election, Primary, Affirmative Action, Jet Skis, Human/Labor Rights




2013-14 Outdoor Life

2011 Human/Labor Rights

2008 Presidential Election


2008 Presidential Election

Jet Skis

  • Why Jet Skis Kill
    Reckless Endangerment on the Water
    Published in In Motion Magazine January 27, 2002
  • Jet Ski Frenzy:
    Must Californians leave the Wilderness in Search of Peace and Quiet?
    Published in In Motion Magazine August 16, 2001

Affirmative Action

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