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Phillip and Peter Temple

Two African American brothers
express themselves through graphic illustrations

Vallejo, California

Phillip and Peter Temple have been drawing and painting for some time. In 1980 they attended a Sell-a-thon in San Francisco, and since then have been regulars at such local conventions as Bay Con, Silicon, and Time Con.

Born and raised in California the Temple Brothers developed their unique art styles, strongly influenced by Japanese animation, (i.e. Astro Boy, Speed Racer, 8th Man, etc.) and American animation (Space Ghost, The Herculoids, Spiderman, and etc.).

While in college, Peter won certificates and awards for outstanding acting, while Phillip won certificates of merit for his editorial cartoons. Phillip holds two Associate in Arts Degrees in journalism, and telecommunications from Solano College.

Plans for the Temple Brothers call for a greater variety of art that will include limited-edition portfolios, posters, and custom-designed t-shirts. A comic book and an animation project are also scheduled. Temple Studios is available for commissioned art work.

Phillip and Peter Temple can be reached at: Temple Studios, 3 Margo Lane, Vallejo, CA 94591

John Henry

"He was born with a hammer in his hand" ... so it was said, but the legend is a reminder that the power and nobility of a man's spirit can never be overshadowed by the machine.

John Henry

Dynamo vs. Dreadnought

Two African Americans gifted with incredible powers ... Dynamo, a being who generates pure energy, and Dreadnought, an engine of destructive power. When they meet one on one, who will win?!

Dynamo vs. Dreadnought

Captain Hunter in the Fifth Dimension

A man of great strength and passion, lost in a future that is not his own ... But relying on his Native American ancestry he beats the odds in his adventures in space.

Captain Hunter in the Fifth Dimension

Published in In Motion Magazine, October 25, 1995