Otake Rie (also see My Favorite Things)

I’m 19 years old now. My birthday is May 16, 1982. In the Spring of 2001, I graduated from Gifu High School. Now I’m a college student at Kobe University.

To tell the truth, I started to learn photography from entering Gifu High School. I belonged to a photo club at school. It was my first time to develop film or learn technical skill of camera. So I think it was a miracle that I could go Shashin Koushien 2000 in Hokkaido. (See photos below.)

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Next Batter. Next Batter. This picture is my friend who is the next batter at the most important baseball qualify game. Because it may be their last game if they lose, I tried to express this tension.
Fine Afternoon. Fine Afternoon. This is my grandmother. She always spends a lot of time to read the newspaper in the afternoon. Sometimes she is sleeps while reading it.

Thinking. Thinking. It was after school. I came across this scene by chance. I wonder what he was thinking ... .

Also see My Favorite Things