My Favorite Things
(5 photographs)

by Otake Rie
Kobe, Japan

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SAKURA (cherry blossoms). Bread.
SAKURA (cherry blossoms).
The View from My University. Night of an Amusement Park
The View from My University.

Night of an Amusement Park.

My Favorite Things

These photos that I took are “My Favorite Things”

1st is “SAKURA” (cherry blossoms)
The first ten days of April, cherry blossoms are so beautiful in Japan!!!
Have you ever seen them?
I have walked under the SAKURA avenue with a beating heart in this, every season.

2nd is “Bread”
I like bread more than rice!! Especially I love “French toast (soft bread steeping egg, milk and sugar and toasted)
There are many delicious bakeries in Kobe. I guess there are more delicious bakeries in S.F. I want to eat more lovely bread in my life!

3rd is “Shrine”
I like the atmosphere of it. This picture is the enter part. The contrast (red lamp) and white (stone) and green are so beautiful and it doesn’t change all the year round.

4th is “The View from My University”
The terrace is in the right corner of the blue sky photo. Can you see the sea?? It is fine; we can see Awaji-shima and Wakayama prefecture from my University!!!

5th is “Night of an Amusement Park”
My photos are short of light… so it is hard to see a merry-go-round and so on. This is named “Harbor Land”. This place changes to a very Romantic Park at night. And I believe the superstition (the lovers who ride on the Ferris wheel will surely be happy and have eternal love). Do you believe it, too?? But I don’t know if it is true or not…maybe, maybe it’s true.

About the photgrapher: My name is Rie Otake. Now, I'm a 3rd-year student of Kobe-Uni. My hobby is going to the movies and taking a walk to many places (watching a shrine or Japanese garden). My favorite movie lately is "The Matrix Reloaded" I already watched it twice!! To take pictures and express my image as one art is so difficult for me. But I believe nothing is hard to a willing mind.

Published August 9, 2003.

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